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This website is about me and what I make. I like to make things including software, games, pictures, videos and animations. You can access sections of my website by using the links on the left of each page.

Here are some recent updates:

04/06/13: I have been receiving large amounts of spam through my website message feature, but I have just updated it to fix this problem. I missed some legitimate mail because of the spam so please resend any mail you sent if it was sent within the last few months.

05/07/12: Happy HB day!

21/04/12: This website update is my small contribution for Cover the Night: KONY 2012

07/04/12: I have uploaded the first three parts of my new Realistic Minecraft Animation tutorial.

07/04/12: Updated my Minecraft Blender Tutorial.

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Latest journal entry:

Hello everypony!

I have turned 18 and I have now finished high school! No more exams or assignments. I don't have a job yet and I don't know if/when I will be getting one, but I hope to create an income for myself using the internet. A passive income would be so awesome since I would not have to worry or do work. I could work on what I want when I want and for how long I want to, or not at all.

About how often I will update my journal: I have decided to not try to update it often just for the sake of having it updated, instead I will upate it when there is something significant to report.

My polyphasic sleeping attempt during the school holidays a long time ago I decided to quit and attempt in the longer school holidays instead, but then I decided not to do it. I am not really interested in anymore but I think I might still want to try it someday. Right now I am a little worried about negative health effects.

Something I am testing with this entry is a small program I made last night. It is designed to automate the updating of my journal. What I am doing right now is typing this entry into a blank text document. When I am finished I will save and close the file, then double click on my program. It will run for about 5 seconds and then exit. When it is finished, this entry should be added at the top of the journal html file and also put at the bottom of the index page, which is a new thing I have decided to do for my website. I think people who visit my site and might be interested in my journal may not decide to see it but if the latest entry is on my main page, people might be interested in reading it and learn more about me and this site, and everyone will be quickly able to see if there has been an update.

Anyway, as well as inserting my journal entry into those pages, it will automate putting in the date at the top of the entry and the formatting and stuff like putting a horizontal rule and line breaks to seperate it from the other posts. I also don't have to type
whenever I want a new line, since that is also done automatically by the program. It will change the "This website was last updated..." part on the main page to the current date. After all that, the program will connect to the ftp server where my html files are located and update them with the new files.

This program, along with having finished school makes it easier to update my journal and website and I have more time for it, so more frequent updates and content can be expected.

I am using Google Analytics now and my homepage is getting about 15 views per day. I don't have analytics for all my pages but for those which I do, I am getting a total average of 30 views per day. It is good and I hope it increases exponentially which would help me earn an online passive income.

This is becoming a large journal entry and there is so much to talk about, stuff that has happened over the last year where I haven't made any entries.

As you might already know from the first line of this entry, I am a brony. Bronies are the biggest internet meme right now and it is awesome, I like when we take over the internet. Anyway for those who don't know, a brony is a fan of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic who is a teenager or older, either male or female. MLP FIm is an awesome show and I like it a lot. My favourite pony is Fluttershy, she is so adorable, I love her.

I have been a fan of minecraft, I got it once I saw the review of it on Good Game, an Australian tv show. Minecraft is great, it allows building and creativity. Resources are gathered and crafted into other stuff. You can transform the world and build things to suit your purposes, like an underground safe house in deep mines. You could then make a tunnel and maybe a minecart track back between this safe house and your main base above ground. The freedom and ability to create is so awesome. Multiplayer can add a lot to this experience, you can start a town with your friends and work as a team to mine precious resources or defend each other from the monsters, explore derelict strongholds together, mabye even create an economy where you sell items to each other.

Minecraft is a beautiful game, I love the landscapes, sunsets and lighting. Here is a picture of one of my first worlds:

Over the last year, I have also been learning Blender. Blender is an open source software suite for 3D graphics. I have been getting better at it over time and I can make models in it for my 3d games but more important than that is that I can make animations. I have been making animations about minecraft mostly. Minecraft has simple objects and textures, I though it would be cool and easy to make an animation of it with more realistic textures. So I did and I put it on Youtube. I also submitted it to Reddit. The video got a much larger reaction than any video I made before, I was surprised and happy as a result. Encouraged by this, I made more animations and now I have built up a quantity of 1877 subscribers and my videos have a total of over 1.2 million views. I believe this is a good way to build up my online empire. I think I will continue doing animations about Minecraft and also other things. I have a section of my website about my Blender work, which you can find in the side bar or by clicking here. The video I am most proud of is Realistic Minecraft Animation Update, which currently has over 500 000 views.

Right now, I don't have plans to finish my Ytp anytime soon. Also now I don't think I should have my Ytp on my youtube channel, I am worried about getting into trouble with YouTube for copyright infringement or maybe not being able to become a YouTube partner. I am not planning on becoming a partner right now but I might decide to sometime in the future.

Over the past year I have been making some progress with parkour. I have done a couple of YouTube videos about parkour, I will probably make a parkour section on my website soon and embed the videos there. I am now able to climb higher walls, such as 3 meters in height. I am able to roll on concrete but I am not very good at rolling, I can't roll on concrete well when I have much momentum and I cannot jump off objects a couple meters in height and roll on grass without getting a bit hurt, I have to slow down and crouch, and I definately can't land a jump of a couple of meters on concrete. I have not spent very much time practising parkour, though. In the future sometime I might do some more serious training. But I can kong vault at least a meter and there is a river in town which I can jump over, which is lots of fun.

Now about Active Worlds. I have not done much on the bike factory and it seems my friends and I are very inactive. I did start an Active Worlds blog which is about tutorials and ideas but I only got 8 posts and I haven't done since I started it a while ago. I plan to continue it though, and I will have to renew my citizenship. I also plan to use it to create passive income by putting Google ads on it.

I have made a bit of progress with piano. I am now almost confident with playing Lon Lon Ranch and Mabe Village, and I am not confident but I have learned how to play a version of Winter Wrap Up, my favourite song from MLP Friendship is Magic.

I have not made much progress with Lucid Dreaming.

Recently I have spent weeks working on a new animation. This animation is a reconstruction of the opening chapter of the game Half Life, which involves a tram ride through the Black Mesa Research Facility. The idea is to try to give Black Mesa more realistic graphics, as Half Life is an old game with low quality graphics. I haven't finished the first room yet and I have a long way to go, but I am learning a lot and still getting better at Blender. I hope people will like my animation once it is done. Here is a preview image:

Minecraft recently got testificate villages. I have not tried the recent release of minecraft but in previous versions there were villages which would be populated by testificates. I thought it was great to have villages with different buildings and people who live in them, but the inhabitants did not do work or expand the village. I think that it would be cool to be able to watch a village expand. So I decided to make a computer program about that, where villages worked together to build and create. I haven't done much on it yet as I have been spending most of my time animating, but this simulation program is something I am excitied about and when I do work on it I will put it on my website and talk about it.

Another idea I have which I am excited about is a survival simulator. Originally I was thinking that it would only be for a zombie apocalypse, I am thinking I will make it flexible and moddable and allow others to help create it, and that it should be able to simulate all types of disasters or apocalypses or survival situations.
My idea of the main function of this program is for people to create a map of there house or place where a disaster might strike and include the supplies and survival gear that they have stockpiled in real life. They would also choose skills and knowledge for their characters that they have and know in real life. This would let them play as the game as though it was a real life situation and the players would be able to determine if the need or want to do more survival preparation. Of course, players don't have to play as though it is a simulation, they could create their fictional locations and characters to play just for fun.

In the last year or so I got a great game; Fallout 3. I like it a lot, I like to explore derelict buildings, towns and landscapes which are a victim of a thermo maybe half global nuclear war induced apocalypse. It is a beautiful game and I love the atmosphere. Fallout 3 is sort of an apocalypse simulator. By the way, Fallout: Equestria by Kkat is an awesome story, a crossover between the Fallout Universe and MLP Friendship is Magic. I have read all of the chapters written so far (43 at the time of writing) and it is a massive story, it is longer than Lord of the Rings. I always look forward to the next chapter.

An idea I have for my website that I think I will soon implement is a kind of status report, where I would have a table of stuff I am working on and show my progress for each project. People would be able to see what may get finished soon and can check out updates provided on each thing. They could also tell me if there was a particular thing they were excited about and I might decide to spend more time on that.

This did turn out to be a rather large journal update. See you later, but please send me a message about my work or my site or anything since I like messages and I would like to see what people would like me to make. I am about to find out if my program works. I hope it does. Kěyevame, bye.

Edit: It half worked. It updated the journal page but not the homepage. I must have spent about an hour trying to figure it out and it turned out I had forgotten to close the file after opening it to write. It should work now.

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